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To Kill A Ghost (2022)  

A Novel 

When Erik’s grandfather is murdered on the front steps of his home, Erik is forced to put medical school on hold and deal with his grieving family. When the case runs cold and things don’t seem to add up Erik finds himself leading his own investigation into the grisly murder.

As Erik becomes embroiled in escalating acts of violence, a message from beyond the grave activates his hidden skills; a set of skills carefully planted in him by his grandfather Victor. By the time Erik realizes what is happening, he is involved in drug-dealing, kidnapping, and organized crime. Unexplained murders seem to follow him, but the deepest secret is still to come.

Can Erik face the truth about Victor’s past and how it affects his own future?

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Television Series (Unproduced)

In an alternate world, where immortality has been achieved via a simple procedure, not everything is as bright and happy as they'd hoped it would be. As the Immortal class begins to mentally decay and threaten public safety, the governing body tasked with policing Immortals is forced to turn to the foremost authority on them to avoid tragedy. But how can you trust a man you know so little about?

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Comic Book Series (Unproduced)

A ruthless assassin awakes to a new reality, in a past he doesn't know. He remembers nothing, except for the words of a future altering Manifesto and its author. But was he meant to help or hinder? Amnesia has taken all other memories as our dark hero fumbles through the past. Can he change the future? Can he remember his mission before the time continuum butterflies out of control?


Central Ave

Television Series (Unproduced)

As America slowly transitions from the Great Depression towards World War II, two young men living in 1940’s Los Angeles- one Black, one Latino, are compelled to toe the line between virtue and vice after being forced into a life of crime to support their families along Central Avenue, the city’s hottest nightlife destination for everyone from A-list Hollywood stars, famous musicians, blue collar workers, to the high priests of the city’s criminal underworld. 

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