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Rebecca Graf's Full Reedsy Discovery Review

Truth be told, this story grew on me. At first, I thought it was telling too much. Then the characters and the plot sucked me in and I realized that this author had a unique style that worked for him...and me.

The story is mainly told through the eyes of the victim's grandson with some scenes going through the mysterious men following him. The author does a superb job of not quite telling everything while dropping hints along the way. A few things I figured out rather early on, but others slipped past my mystery radar line. In fact, the author embodied the murder victim's no one and never assume.

Even from the grave, the main character's grandfather's lessons come back to him to help him solve a mystery that had been kept under wraps for a lifetime and to save his own life. I could almost see the ghost of the victim following his loved one around to advise him on how to be aware of his surroundings, read people's body language, and look beyond the surface.

When a story's characters feel like they are right there in front of you, the author has been a success in creating characters that truly live. Erik is a well-developed character who isn't perfect yet not your everyday med-student. He is unique due to the upbringing of his grandfather who had secrets he refused to take to the grave with him.

I highly suggest you give this book a chance. Didn't want to put it down and enjoyed each time my theories were put into doubt. No mystery reader likes to figure out every single story. This is one that can give you a little bit of a challenge. You might find a new author you will want to follow. Enjoy!

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