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Keith Mbuya's Full 'Readers Favorite' Review

Nothing about the whole situation involving the sudden demise of Erik Brown’s grandfather Victor Brown added up. The police had found the old man lying dead on the doorstep of his house, a gunshot wound to his head indicating that he had been shot from behind. The police suggested that Victor had fallen victim to a botched robbery, but his house did not seem to have been touched. As far as the whole family knew, Victor had never been a criminal and had never involved himself with any. Out of frustration with the police’s reluctance to follow up on the case, Erik decides to put his med studies aside and investigate on his own. It is then that Erik’s world begins to spin fast. First, it was the strange guy at his grandfather’s funeral who claimed to have been part of Victor’s past. Then came the discovery of secret messages his grandfather had left him, which took him to a safe with a name and a number. All the while Erik had noticed that a black Sedan was constantly on his tail. Before he knew it, he was being taken away in a trunk after being ambushed. Were the kidnappers tied to Victor’s demise and what will happen to Erik? Get yourself J. Warren Weaver’s To Kill A Ghost to find out more. Grab a bag of popcorn because once you open J. Warren Weaver’s gripping page-turner To Kill A Ghost, you’ll only stop flipping through the book at the end. Weaver hatches the most intriguing plot which he embeds with ingenious and spell-binding twists. He steadily unfolds the story-line through short and twisted sentences. Weaver leaves clues to fill in the puzzle yet at the same time manages to maintain a subtle tone. This kept me on edge and made me want more of the story. His depictions of scenes were impressively vivid and tremendously dramatic. He captures the mood and setting uniquely. This made me feel as if I was right in the middle of all the drama and action. He loads the narration with sentiment and wit and brings out the character traits of his wonderfully developed cast, making it easy for me to connect with them. Erik thought he knew his grandfather well, but perhaps he was wrong about that. There is adventure, action, suspense, thrills, blackmail, secrets, campus life, dangerous mobs and so much more in this book.

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