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J. Warren Weaver

Writer of spec screenplays, comic books and at least one full length novel,

To Kill A Ghost.



A Killer Of Spies
(Spring 2023)

Still dealing with the trauma of his grandfather Victor's murder and his own involvement in the dangerous conspiracy that followed it, Erik puts his schooling on hold and joins his family on a trip of mourning to Europe. But, Victor's past catches up to Erik once again when a mysterious woman makes contact with Erik on the streets of Berlin claiming Victor had hidden evidence of a terrible crime for her. Evidence she desperately needs to clear her name and bring a notorious East German serial killer to justice.

When that woman falls victim to the killer, Erik is thrust back into the fire as he becomes a suspect in her murder. Things go from bad to worse when a shadowy force of mercenaries descends on Erik and demands the evidence the woman was asking for. On the run for his life once more, Erik must crack the code of Victor's ledger and hunt down the evidence before he's hunted down and silenced forever.

Can Erik and his allies run out the clock and bring a killer to justice, or will they become just another victim in a decades long killing spree?

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To Kill A Ghost

When Erik’s grandfather is murdered on the front steps of his home, Erik is forced to put medical school on hold and deal with his grieving family. When the case runs cold and things don’t seem to add up Erik finds himself leading his own investigation into the grisly murder.

As Erik becomes embroiled in escalating acts of violence, a message from beyond the grave activates his hidden skills; a set of skills carefully planted in him by his grandfather Victor. By the time Erik realizes what is happening, he is involved in drug-dealing, kidnapping, and organized crime. Unexplained murders seem to follow him, but the deepest secret is still to come.

Can Erik face the truth about Victor’s past and how it affects his own future?


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September 9th-11th 2022, Aurora, CO

Colorado Gold Writers Conference

September 20th 2022, Copper Club Brewing Company, Beers And A Book Club, 6:30PM

November 11th 2023, The Stanley Hotel,

Committed At The Stanley, 3PM - 7PM MST


About J. Warren Weaver

J. Warren Weaver lives in small town Colorado where he enjoys the bountiful great outdoors with his wife and three dogs.

J. Warren is a proud member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Professional Authors Alliance (PAA).

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