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Keith Mbuya's Full 'Reader's Favorite' Review

Everything had happened so fast for Erik Brown and more than anything he needed answers to his questions. It all started when Erik and his family visited Berlin while on vacation in Europe. Erik had found himself in the company of Monika Martin, an old woman who claimed to have known and worked with Victor - Erik’s late grandfather - during the Cold War. Monika had left Erik with the intention of meeting him again, insisting that she had some information for him. However, Erik was arrested the following day by the police as the top suspect in Monika’s murder. It turned out that Monika was an ex-spy labeled as a wanted criminal who had disappeared close to fifty years ago and had only reappeared specifically to talk to Erik. Now she was dead. Erik was forced to call his CIA friend John Smith for help. Immediately upon his release from jail, he narrowly survived abduction by unknown assailants. He and Smith find themselves in a stolen car fleeing for their lives after a deadly shootout on the streets of Berlin. Was someone trying to kill Erik and who killed Monika? Find out more in J. Warren Weaver’s A Killer of Spies.

J. Warren Weaver once again delivers a compelling narrative starring the savvy Erik Brown. A Killer of Spies is the amazing second installment in a trilogy. It is a must-read for lovers of fast-paced action thrillers with a touch of mystery and crime. Weaver has formulated an intriguing plot, featuring a gripping saga of spies, assassins, goons, murder, secrets, ciphers, and history. He effortlessly switches between the scenes as the tale steadily unfolds, giving the storyline a beautiful flow. He kept me on edge with suspense, action, thrill, adventure, humor, ingenious plot twists, and spell-binding cliffhangers. The vivid descriptions made the reading experience feel like watching a Hollywood action movie. I loved the way he captured the mood of the incidents. The tension was so palpable that I held my breath every time Erik was in trouble. I loved the book and I’m looking forward to reading more of Weaver’s magnificent work.

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